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MU2 is an Ultima Online Free Shard where we are more family than simply a shard.  Enjoy a laid back atmosphere where we are all just here to have a good time. Our player base may not be in the thousands or even hundreds you’ll find elsewhere, but we are a lively & helpful crew.  Anyone is welcome to join!


We are a no PVP shard, unless it's privately among guild mates for fun.  There is however plenty of Spawned Monsters, Town Raids, and Events for your PVM fix.


Our dedicated server runs an early version client.  Don’t let that fool you! Many hours have been put into customization.  Come play with us and master the custom claim and drop system, explore custom dungeons, privately spawn your own Mystical Guardians, craft custom items, run a vendor, live Underground, and so much more!  Build yourself a house and stay a while!


The MU2 Staff and Support Team hope you enjoy your journey as much as we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy ours.


*We do welcome and encourage family members to play together.  Remember, the system will only allow 1 account per IP. If you wish to have a second for another member of your household, contact us through email or page with the desired username and password. Please only one account per person.


Logon Server:


Meet the Staff

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